3 Ways to Give Back in Breck

Our vibrant community in Breckenridge gives us so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Before you and your loved ones start spending every free moment out in this winter paradise, giving back to the community is a great way to reconnect with the people of Summit County and spread positive energy for the season ahead. Here are 3 ways to give back in Breck and support our local community.

Empower Others Through Outdoor Experiences

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Help troubled youth, and people with disabilities and serious illnesses connect with the outdoors by volunteering for the The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC). This local nonprofit – certified as one of the “Best in America” by Independent Charities of America – has been providing life-changing outdoor learning experiences to people of all abilities.   BOEC’s programs provide a sense of freedom to those who are routinely excluded from outdoor activity due to a disability or special need. Help the BOEC by volunteering for their adaptive ski and ride schools, or by volunteering for their special events. You can also support the BOEC while celebrating the season by entering to run in the annual Breck Santa Race on December 3rd. This fun run down Main St., Breckenridge attracts over 100 Santas every year and is a great way to kick of the holiday season and spread some cheer. All proceeds benefit the BOEC.

Help Local Families Thrive

Helping others will make your heart smile. Donate to the FIRC Pantry Bank in Breckenridge or check out their websites for several volunteer opportunities. With Summit County housing prices continuing to rise, many Summit County residents are paying 30-60% of their income on housing.  This  leaves very little money for food, childcare, medical expenses, and other necessities. The Summit County FIRC helps 3,500 local families per year through their food bank, parent education services, cooking classes, home visits, and so much more.

Serve Others by Serving Up a Meal

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The FREE Tuesday Night Community Dinner at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church offers a delicious meal all year ’round. The Community Dinner team is seeking more volunteers to help cook and serve food. You can even cook the food in your own home and bring your dish to the Parish Hall just before dinner.   Serving a hot meal to families in need is a heartwarming experience, and a great way to connect with new people.

We are proud residents of this incredibly supportive community. As the snowfall finally starts to build that great base for the upcoming season, come out with friends and family to help those in need. Let’s join together this holiday season and give back to the community that makes living in Breck such a rewarding experience. These are just a few of the many incredible volunteer opportunities right here in our backyard. Please share info on other local charitable causes so we can band together to make a difference.

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