Beyond our expectations! Phase 2 Launch

The Lincoln Park Phase 2 Launch Party was more like a neighborhood street party.   You could feel the excitement was in the air as over 100 people from all over the county stopped in to see the new Lincoln Park Sales Center, meet the Lincoln Park Team and get more information on the Phase 2 homes.

The recent downpour made the fresh sod and flowers sparkle, the newly painted tri-colored townhome looked sharp and when the sun and blue skies re-appeared the kids and parents enjoyed the sunshine on Farncomb Green.

All the visitors loved the fresh new mountain contemporary interiors of the Sales Center.  Neighbors described the interiors with words like “contemporary, but inviting, comfortable and fresh, bright and light, clean lines, I like it!”   We started writing contracts on the Phase 2 homes the next day and for the following seven (7) days.   It was a busy and exciting time and we are still working through all of the contracts.    Stay tuned for the latest information on Phase 2 …

15 thoughts on “Beyond our expectations! Phase 2 Launch

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