What does “Neighborhood” mean to you?

LincolnParkVertreal neighborhood
real connections
in an unreal ski town

“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood”
-Russian Proverb

Lincoln Park at the Wellington Neighborhood is more about the neighborhood, and the house is a bonus. It’s the people, the new friends, camaraderie and the “over the fence” connections that feel like home. Our neighbors make a difference and support one another through community efforts, recreation, business ownership and politics. At Lincoln Park, we want you to feel confident in our conscious construction practices as we set up the building blocks for your future.

The “connection” is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with people and our environment, and its what gives us purpose and meaning. Connection drives our passions and elevates our heart. Is it the connection to Main Street on the 4th of July, or heading out for a ride with your buddies on your favorite trail after work?   Or is it a well-worn footpath to your best friend’s house? What does connection mean to you?

Live the lifestyle of your biggest adventure. Just steps away from backcountry trails, a cool mountain stream and minutes from the Breckenridge Ski Resort, Nordic center, and Arts District. Live The Dream!

The Lincoln Park Phase 2 Launch Party is scheduled for Thursday, June 23rd. Mark your Calendar and be sure to have Lender and SCHA pre-approvals in place.  The final pricing and estimated construction schedule will be released at the Launch Party.

For more information sign up for the Lincoln Park Interest List (if you haven’t already) or Contact Courtney Kenady.

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