Welcome to the NEW LP website!

Hello & Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in LINCOLN PARK. We are as anxious as you to get started on Lincoln Park at the Wellington Neighborhood. We are working hard and hope to have Town of Breckenridge approvals this Winter. As we get closer to the release of Lincoln Park, I will be sending out a few reminders and updates, but in the meantime, here is a brief and estimated outline of what to expect in the coming months:

  1. Lincoln Park Approval from Town of Breckenridge – Winter 2014
  2. Obtain final and approved Marketing & Site plans from Developer/Architect – share and review plans with all potential Buyers – Spring 2015
  3. Buyers get Pre-Approval Letter from Lender & from SCHA – Spring 2015
  4. Set up meetings/visits with Buyers to walk the site and answer any questions- Spring 2015
  5. Release of Lincoln Park Block 1 – Launch Party – Pricing will be distributed at the Release Party – Spring 2015
  6. Write up Sales Contracts (review with Developer, Town and SCHA) – Spring/Summer 2015
  7. Start infrastructure & construction – Spring 2015
  8. First foundations poured – estimated Summer 2015
  9. Estimated completion of first homes for Lincoln Park – Block 1 – Fall/Winter 2015

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