Phase 2 Homes Are Nearly Sold Out

Phase 2 Homes are Nearly Sold Out!

The Phase 2 Deed Restricted homes are SOLD OUT.  Our Phase 2 Market Homes are nearly sold out.  Please contact me to learn more about the few remaining Sumac and P2 Ponderosa models while they are still available.  We aim to create a real local community in Breckenridge, and we want everyone to have a new home in Lincoln Park. We will have more information on the Phase 3 Launch by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Be Ready for Phase 3!

Many of you have questions, and I thought it might be helpful to post answers, information, links and suggestions. Here you go:

1) “When can we put a contract in on a house in Phase 3 of Lincoln Park?”

Phase 2 deed restricted homes sold out within 14 days, therefore be sure you are on the Lincoln Park Interest List to be the first to receive the latest information and updates!  Again, we will release Phase 3 with a Launch Party! (Yay, another party!)  We will provide final pricing, floor plans and finish options at the launch party, AND I will take reservations to write contracts starting the following day. I will start writing contracts for the Phase 3 homes THE DAY AFTER the Launch Party.

Additionally, follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates, news, progress reports and fun photos!

Again, interest list subscribers will be the first to know about the Lincoln Park Phase 3 Launch Party, and we will release final Phase 3 pricing at the Launch Party.

2) “How can we prepare for the Lincoln Park Phase 3 Launch?”

Another good question, and I suggest you start planning now.

  • Do you have a home to sell?
  • How much down payment will you need?
  • Do you have good credit?

First of all, get pre-approvals from you lender and Summit Combined Housing Authority (SCHA ).
See the downloadable .pdf below.

Lincoln Park Buyer Information Phase 3 (.pdf)

1) Pre-qualification Letter from Lender: Homebuyers must have a pre-approval letter from a local lender including principle rate, type, terms and PITI payment.

2) Application & Approval from the Summit Combined Housing Authority (SCHA):
Prior to the Phase 3 launch, the SCHA will approve buyers for the Deed Restricted Lincoln Park Phase 3 homes.   Therefore, home buyers interested in purchasing a Deed Restricted home must go through a qualification process (which may include income qualification), preferably before the Lincoln Park Launch Party.

a) Income qualifying applies to homebuyers purchasing a home in 100% AMI Categories ( Double Homes & Small Single Family). Homebuyers can find applications at the Lincoln Park sales office or on the SCHA Website.

b) Homebuyers purchasing a home in 120% AMI Category are NOT Subject to Income qualifying. Rather, the SCHA will verify an Employment Affidavit.  Employment affidavits are available at the Lincoln Park. Summit Combined Housing Authority: Contact Joy Klein – email or Call 970.423.7041

3) Writing a Sales Contract: Buyers must receive both approvals above prior to writing a Sales Contract on a 100% AMI home.

4) Homebuyer Education: Optional: (Only Required for Down Payment Assistance) The SCHA offers HomeBuyer Orientation Classes once a month at the Buffalo Mountain Room at the Frisco County Commons Building. Contact the SCHA for a full schedule of classes.

Lastly, feel free to contact me at or 970.418.4900 if you have any questions about this information.