Neighborhood Governance

Lincoln Park at Wellington Neighborhood is governed by the Wellington Neighborhood Homeowners Association. Homeowners play an active part in the operation of this association with meetings, celebrations and events. The association is made up of the President, Board of Directors and various other committees. For more information regarding the Declarations, Bylaws and Design Review Committee guidelines of the Wellington Neighborhood Association please see the links below or contact the the Association Administrator at 970-453-5303 ext. 704. The Lincoln Park Townhomes will have share common elements that are maintained through Homeowner Association Dues.

Neighborhood Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


WNA LP Manual – updated May 2016

Local's Price Deed Restriction

Resort communities, such as Breckenridge, face a serious challenge in creating affordable neighborhoods that serve the needs of employees, particularly the needs of first time home buyers and young families. Certainly rapidly appreciating real property values are a major problem; however, “neighborhoods” dominated by rentals and second home owners also pose a challenge. To address these concerns, we have worked with staff and the Breckenridge Town Council to create a program which balances the interests of the Town, the homeowners (current and future), the founders, and mortgage lenders and is simple enough to be easily administered. We have created a program which provides that where the “local price” is paid:

  1. House owners must be individuals, work 30 hours per week in Summit County, and reside in the house (if a unit is not owner occupied for a period greater than twelve months, the owner would be obligated to offer the unit for sale at the highest allowed sales price); and

  2. Appreciation will be limited to 3% per annum or the percentage increase in AMI (Area Median Income), whichever is greater.

  3. Permitted Improvements are also limited to 10% or less of the original purchase price.

80% of the units will have the deed restriction. 20% of the units will be unrestricted “market” units.

Phase II Wellington Neighborhood Employee Housing Restrictive Covenant and Agreement


One Year Warranty For a period of one (1) year beginning on the closing date (“Warranty Period”), Traditional Neighborhood Builders, Inc. will warrant those homes purchased directly from Poplar Lincoln Park, LLC.

Please contact Courtney if you do not have access to the Owner Portal:

Lincoln Park Owners’ Portal

The most efficient way to request warranty service is to complete separate warranty requests online. With your assigned login and password, log into the “Lincoln Park Owners Portal and click on the “Warranty Items” in the list on the top of the page. On the warranty items page, click the green “New Claim” button at the top of the section. From the “Add a New Service Request” page, enter title of the claim (example “problem with boiler), category of your request and a description of the items with photos if needed. If there are more than one claim, please create a new claim for each item. When a new claim is entered and submitted by a homeowner, our Construction Manager will be notified, he/she will review the submission and, if approved, assigns each item to the correct subcontractor. This is why each item should be a unique claim. The assigned subcontractor should contact you within 7 days to schedule a home visit and review the scope of work. If the warranty request constitutes an emergency situation, please contact the subcontractors immediately.

If the warranty issue is not addressed within 14 days, please contact us using the Lincoln Park portal and messaging or email the Warranty Manager.